Go Back True West by Sam Shepard - Cadence Theatre @ Firehouse

September 20–Oct 5, 2024 at The Firehouse Theatre

Direction by Rusty Wilson
Starring Landon Nagel and Stevie Rice alternating roles of Austin and Lee.

This production is dedicated in memory of Carol Piersol, the beloved Founding Artistic Director of Firehouse.


Overview: Sam Shepard’s True West has earned acclaim and nominations for its exploration of the tumultuous California landscape. Two brothers clash over a film script - Austin, the accomplished writer, and Lee, a wild, demented petty thief. When Lee pitches his gritty Western to the producer, Austin must choose between his modern love story and Lee's unconventional vision.

Unique Twist: Adding to the intrigue, actors Landon Nagel and Stevie Rice will alternate roles of Austin and Lee, providing a fresh perspective on this American classic.

History: Premiering in San Francisco in 1980, True West delves into family dynamics, ambition, and the clash between convention and the wild in the American West. Its enduring legacy is marked by critical recognition, making it a must-see theatrical experience.

Witness the timeless exploration of American alternatives in True West, where the lines between success and chaos blur, and roles intertwine in an unforgettable narrative.